Argentina Official Bulletin

The Argentina Official Bulletin (Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina) is the public organ that publishes announcements relating to congressional laws, executive orders, company notices, and Internet domain information. The Directorate-General of the National Official Registry (La Dirección General del Registro Oficial Nacional) is responsible for publishing the bulletin. 

This post will cover the company announcements published in the bulletin. The most common company announcements are incorporation notices, appointments, and corrections.

Company announcements in the Argentina Official Bulletin are available in Sayari Graph. 

When is an Argentina Official Bulletin announcement true for?

The location of an announcement’s date is dependent on whether or not it is an incorporation notice. The incorporation date of a company is the first date available in incorporation notices. If the announcement is not an incorporation notice, the relevant date typically follows the word “escritura” or “Esc” (meaning “writing”) and signifies that the company recorded the change as of the escritura date.

What is included in an Argentina Official Bulletin announcement?

The information included in incorporation announcements are generally formatted as long, numbered paragraphs, while other company publications are shorter without numbered lists.

Incorporation announcements usually include the following information, though not individually labelled, and in slightly varying orders:

  • Incorporation date
  • Founding members or founding shareholders
  • Company name
  • Company domicile
  • Business scope
  • Duration
  • Total capital in Argentine pesos
  • Type of management
  • Close of fiscal period
  • Associated individuals

Company personnel

Founding members or founding shareholders are listed with their identifying information, namely their nationality, relationship status, occupation, date of birth, Argentina ID number (DNI), and address. If the individuals are listed as socios or accionistas in the incorporation announcement, they are founding shareholders.

In addition to shareholders, certain Argentinian company structures must appoint individuals to specific positions.

Simplified joint-stock companies (Sociedades por acciones simplificadas, SAS) companies must appoint an administrator (administrador titular).

Limited liability companies (Sociedades de responsabilidad limitada, SRL) must have a manager or management team (gerentes or una gestión de miembros).

Corporations (Sociedades anonimas, SA) have a board of directors with a president and other officers (directorio).

The bulletin does not always include the identifying information for these individuals.

Company Domicile

Company addresses may end in “CABA” (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires), Capital FederalCap. Fed., or Cap. These extensions indicate that the company is located in the capital, Buenos Aires.

Company Changes

Company announcements following the initial incorporation notice typically indicate a correction, a revision, a capital increase, or the appointment of an officer. Although shareholder changes may be reflected in the bulletin, it is uncommon. Oftentimes, the founding shareholders listed in the initial incorporation notice will be the only shareholders listed.

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