Bermuda Directors Register

The Bermuda Directors Register was created in 2016 with the addition of Section 92B to the 1981 Bermuda Companies Act. Under this provision, companies are required to file a list of directors with the Registrar of Companies, and to provide notice of any changes within 30 days.

The native registry only allows users to search by company. However, Sayari Graph provides person-searchable access to the Bermuda Directors Register.

When is a Bermuda Directors Register record true for?

The Directors Register only contains information on active companies. As a result, all director-company connections visible in the database at any given time are accurate to within the last 30 days, assuming the company in question has properly maintained its records.

What is included in a Bermuda Directors Register record?

Each record provides the first name, middle name or initial, surname, and address of each director, as well as the name and registration number of the company in question. For corporate directors, the Registrar provides the company’s name and registered office address.

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