Interpreting Honduran National ID Numbers

National identification numbers often contain analytically useful information for disambiguation and the elimination of false positives. The Honduran National ID number provides valuable personally identifiable information that can be useful to investigators.

Honduras – Identity Card (Tarjeta de Identidad)

The Honduran Identity Card (Tarjeta de Identidad) is the official identity document issued to all Honduran nationals who are 18 years of age or older. The ID number included on the card is a 13-digit numeric code. The first two digits (A) represent the department—akin to a state in the United States—in which the person was born. The third and fourth digits (B) represent the municipality in which the person was born. A list of two-digit codes for departments and municipalities in Honduras can be found here.

Digits five through eight (C) represent the year that the individual’s proof of birth was filed with the National Register of Persons (RNP). While this year often coincides with the individual’s year of birth, this is not always the case. Under Honduran law, the proof of birth can be submitted to the RNP within one year of the birth taking place, so the birth year may be different by one year.

Finally, digits nine through 13 (D) correspond to the numbers of the volume and file number of the person’s birth registry with the National Register of Persons (RNP).

The resulting ID number is structured as follows:


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