Iran Search Tips

Sayari Graph houses company data from Iranian public records, incorporating official documents from Iran’s Official Gazette (Rooznameh Rasmi), the Securities and Exchange Organization (CODAL), the National Identity Registry of Legal Entities (ILENC), and the Tehran Chamber of Commerce. Each source provides information on registered companies with various applications depending on user need. To help navigate these sources, this guide includes several tips and tricks for searching for Iranian targets in Sayari Graph.

As is the case with any open-source research on Iran, Persian language skills increase efficiency and accuracy of searches. This guide seeks to provide tips that, when combined with basic investigative techniques for Iran, will help users maximize advanced search tools available in Graph.  

Advanced Search Tips

Searching for Iranian entities and individuals can be improved by utilizing the advanced search option in Graph. The advanced search feature allows Graph users to filter search results by specific attributes — such as name, identifier, date of birth, address, contact or business purpose. Since Iranian entities and individuals can be found using unique identifiers like the National ID Number or Registration Number, we recommend filtering by name and identifier when searching a Persian name to achieve narrowed search results within Iranian public records. When searching for the entity or individual in English and in jurisdictions outside Iran, other filters may be more useful. 

Graph users can also adjust the advanced search in Graph to filter search results by “country” or “source,” which will narrow down results by jurisdiction. Graph incorporates Middle East public records sourced from Cedar Rose, a third-party data provider. Cedar Rose data in Graph does not include Iran-specific  data at this time, but this search method may allow users to identify active Iran connections elsewhere in the Middle East.

By filtering the country results to Iran and the source to “Cedar Rose (3rd Party Data)” Graph users can expedite the investigation process by quickly identifying Iranian nationals and companies across the Middle East. Specifically, Graph’s 3rd party data from Cedar Rose shows Iranian entities registered in eight Middle Eastern countries including: UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, and Yemen, plus Albania.

Using the Explore Tab

Graph users can also utilize the explore tab feature within a given entity’s profile to identify the types of connections it has with other entities appearing in Graph. More simply, the explore tab allows Graph users to easily identify all listed relationships of a given company or individual — including beneficial ownership, downstream holdings, types of entity connection, and proximity to watchlisted entities.

For example, this screenshot depicts the explore tab feature in the Graph dossier of Iranian national Hassan Pelarak — sanctioned by OFAC. The drop down menu “Entity Type” displays the various types of connections this individual has with other entities in Graph’s public records database.

Using the Records Tab

Graph also allows users to view original public records via the Records tab. This feature can be utilized to extract additional information from public records sourced from Iran’s Rooznameh Gazette and CODAL.

For instance, additional information on public joint stock companies can be gained by filtering the source to CODAL in the Records tab. In doing so, Graph users can pull financial statements revealing the shareholders or balance sheet of a public joint stock company.

Iran’s Rooznameh Gazette provides self-reported company announcements, including information such as a company’s formation, changes in leadership or name, intellectual property filings (e.g. international trademarks), and relevant decrees/legislation. The Rooznameh Gazette source can be filtered in the Records tab by the following same process mentioned above.

The screenshot below is an original public record from Iran’s Rooznameh Gazette. The company announcement reveals the number of shares and names of each shareholder representing a limited liability company in Iran.

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