Russia Search Tips

Sayari Graph contains multiple sources of public records for Russia, including databases providing various corporate information for entities and individuals, such as the Russia Federal Tax Registry (EGRUL), as well as specific public records on foreign entities, managers, as well as vessels.

This guide aims to provide useful tips and tricks when searching for Russian targets in Graph.

Advanced Search Tips

As Russian names are typically written in cyrillic script, finding the right entity or individual can present a challenge. Company names in Russia have both short and long versions, occasionally making it difficult to effectively disambiguate them. Searching by only the short name, can often yield multiple results that may not all be relevant to the query. Searching for a company or individual by specific identifiers, such as  the Russian Taxpayer Identification Number (INN), or the Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) can yield quicker results. Additionally, filtering the “country” and “source” options in Graph can be helpful in narrowing results as well. You can read more on disambiguating Russian company names, here. 

As shown above, Russian entities or individuals can be easily found in Graph by using the basic search function; however, the best way to maximize the power of the platform is to use its advanced search options. Graph’s advanced search options allow you to search for specific attributes, such as name, identifier, date of birth, address, contact or business purpose.

Searching with Graph’s Built-In Translation Tool

Graph’s built-in translation tool allows you to translate all search results from Russian to English with the click of a button. Additionally, you can translate queries from English to Russian before searching.

Utilizing the Explore Tab Across Russia and CIS 

Graph’s “Explore” tool is a great way to expand your understanding of a Russian entity’s connections across multiple tiers of relationships. Building off of Graph’s visual display functionality, the “Explore” tool allows you to narrow down an entity’s relationships to clearly identify downstream holdings or ultimate beneficial ownership.

When searching for a larger company, or an entity or an individual with a lot of connections, the “Explore” tool makes narrowing down results to focus on key relationships easy. In an entity’s dossier you can navigate to Explore > Beneficial Ownership to view the ultimate beneficial owners of the entity in question, along with the additional tiers of ownership in between. Similarly, you can navigate to Explore > Downstream to view subsidiaries of the entity of interest.

You can also search for a specific entity that may be connected by searching for its name in the “Related Entity Name” box. This is especially useful when looking for crossover with sanctioned or state-owned entities.

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