Turkish Trade Registry Gazette

The Turkish Trade Registry Gazette (Türkiye Ticaret Sicili Gazetesi) is a public database updated daily by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB). It contains official updates pertaining to company names, personnel, including shareholders, and other company decisions. The decisions are updated and submitted to the gazette by each company, and remain true until the company files an update with any changes made. 


Searching for companies in the Turkish Gazette with the Turkish Trade Registration Number

Upon establishment, every company in Turkey needs to register with the Turkish Chamber of Commerce of the municipality in which it is domiciled. The company then receives its trade registry number, by which the company is identified. Two separate companies located in different cities in Turkey may have the same trade registration number, therefore it is important to know which specific municipality the company is located in. Additionally, if the company changes municipality, it must register with the new municipality’s chamber of commerce and obtain a new trade registry number. 

To search for a specific company in the Turkish Gazette, users must first identify the municipality in which the company is domiciled. After selecting the municipality, users can then query by the company’s trade registration number (Ticaret Sicil Numarası), or its full legal name. 


When is information in the Turkish Gazette true for?

The Turkish Gazette is published daily. The company updates that are submitted by each company are usually published after two business days, and can be accessed both online and through a paper subscription. The information in the Turkish Gazette will remain true until another announcement pertaining to the specific company is published. 

Each gazette entry includes various dates. At the top right corner, the gazette will include the number of the publication along with the publication date. The excerpts for each company will include the date for when the company’s information was added to the gazette, and a date for when the documents were officially submitted to the gazette to be recorded. 

Additionally, if available, the dates for specific company changes and meetings that were held will take place in the company-specific announcement. 

Turkish Gazette snapshot including outlined dates for the date the gazette was published on the upper right hand corner, and two dates in the middle column representing the dates the changes were officially signed off and reported to the gazette for BMC OTOMOTIV SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI.

What kind of corporate information is included in the Turkish Gazette?

ID numbers in the Turkish Gazette

The Turkish Gazette includes various types of ID numbers. The most common type of ID number that can be found across publications is a company’s trade registration number. As previously mentioned, the trade registration number  is only unique to the municipality in which it is registered. 

The second most common identification number in the gazette is an individual’s Turkish ID number. It consists of eleven digits and is a key piece of information for analysts to track corporate ownership. 

For non-Turkish citizens that are part of a registered entity in Turkey, a foreign identification number, and in some cases their passport number, are published. 

ID numbers are an important tool for researching entities and individuals in Turkey. They can help analysts narrow their searches since companies can have different commercial names, and in some cases it is difficult to disambiguate legal company names. Similarly, Turkish individual ID numbers can be an essential tool to disambiguate between individuals with the same name. 

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